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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Something Big" Is Coming in 2014

Archangel Gabriel as channeled by “Lotus Fire”

 September 21, 2013

Dear Ones,

Something is about to happen and it is enormous—it is what has been called a “black swan event”—meaning an event which is something that no one of you could have seen coming. This is being orchestrated by those off world and partially executed by those living inside the earth at the request of Higher Powers. It will be a breath-taking surprise, and is coming in the calendar year of 2014. 

A Final Lesson

The Syrian business is a final lesson for the human race—it is a learning experience. This is too big—the phrase too big is important. As the channel has guessed, world leaders are working in concert behind the scenes to play, as it were, good cop, bad cop. They do not care, especially Obama, does not care how he looks to the public at this time. He knows that your history will vindicate him. All he cares about is preventing WWIII and the way he is doing it is the only way he can see—by sacrificing his own reputation at this time, and to allow Vladimir Putin come in and save the day by being the good cop. They are together hoping to heal the planet to finally convince everyone in the United States that it is important not to function as a cowboy, not to rescue the world by moving into other countries as policemen. All governments must learn to go along with the United Nations Security Council before taking action and to always do that so we have a one world government in effect when it comes to matters of war and peace. One of the side-effects will be the collapse of what has been called The Cabal. Another major outcome of this test is a mass, planetary awakening. Part of the awakening is the collective understanding of, “You are my brother no matter where you are on this planet; you are my brother.  How may I help you?” 

Memories and DNA

Another result of this awakening will be the indigenous becoming valued for what they know that the so-called civilized nations do not. All humans will begin to cherish the indigenous people for their ancient knowledge, the knowledge they have managed to hold onto through their verbal history. Westerners shall realize that verbal history is extremely important because it cannot be burned up and destroyed forever like the information in the massive ancient library at Alexandria was. The only way the indigenous’ history can be destroyed is if they are completely destroyed—the people who carry their history in their cultural memory and their hearts.

Cellular memory is going to take on new meaning for Western civilizations. Why? Because their scientists will begin to understand that contained in every cell of the body are the memories. Not only of this lifetime—DNA is constantly being encoded and recoded and rewritten. Memory exists in the memory of not only this lifetime in every cell, but in our DNA are the memories of all of your ancestors’ lifetimes, as well as our own past lives. All of these affect us. Encoded in that which has been dismissed as “junk” DNA is everything that matters.

Terrans Inside the Earth

As for the theory of a hollow earth, this is simply not true. There is no second sun inside your Earth. If there were, light would be escaping from the opening at the top of the earth—the North Pole entrance—which has been claimed to exist. Your astronauts would have seen this light escaping. However, there are indeed many civilizations living inside the Earth—inside the crust—and we mean intelligent beings. They have been there for many thousands of years. Any time there was an impending apocalypse or disaster to the surface of the Earth, those with the means and education to self-protect by going beneath the surface of the earth have done so—and continued developing their civilizations there. They were not “bombed back into the stone age” as some have called it—as were those unfortunates left on the surface. This has happened repeatedly on the surface of the Earth while other cultures moved within the earth’s mantle for protection. This is where the stories of a hollow earth come from. The technology is extremely advanced there, and they do have plenty of light generated by artificial means. There is no sun. A sun would imply a natural source of light. Theirs is an artificially generated form of light containing all the properties of sunlight.   

These civilizations exist in many locations. People often refer to seeing spaceships going into caves or going beneath the water, underwater entrances within the earth’s mantle. These are not aliens, these are beings from advanced societies which have always lived here apart from those dwelling on the surface, and allowed those left on the surface to reawaken and evolve at their own pace with only occasional assistance. They have a “hands off” attitude toward those on the surface who are the offspring of those who could not afford, did not have the means to retreat to safety inside caves. These cave networks exist in a much more profound extent or manner than anyone on the surface dreams—vast civilizations and cities are there—with the ability to conceal their presence for as long as they wish.

At some point, those on the surface will be sufficiently evolved so as not to be a threat, and they will meet up with the inheritors of many of these civilizations which those on the surface yet believe were wiped out long ago. They were not wiped out—they continued to evolve, sheltered underneath the surface of the planet. They have been conducting relationships with beings of other planets, traveling back and forth to other planets; hence the confusion as to their origin. Their origin is the Earth. There are those who also come from other star systems, other planets but the vast majority of whom you would call aliens, are truly Terrans just like you. Their civilizations were not destroyed like yours were by cataclysmic events on the surface, forcing them to start over. They hold the promise for you of what you can become, and soon they will give you open assistance. They will make contact once this final test is completed; you must first solve your big problems which have to do with constant planetary-wide war—and you are on the brink of this solution as a species. The next problems to solve are those of starvation and overpopulation. These will be easier than you think. These can and will be achieved without mass die-offs of humanity as predicted. 

Disease a Thing of the Past

Disease will become a thing of the past as energy medicine healers will be plentiful and easily accessible, either in person or at a distance, for keeping everyone in balance so they do not develop disease. Balance of the body, mind and spirit are equally important because if one of those gets out of balance, the other two will as well. They are an equilateral triangle body, mind, spirit. To neglect one of those will throw the other two into disarray. Energy medicine will quickly eclipse all other forms of healing with the exception of emergency medicine. As people begin to realize that this is what gets them better, genuine and pure forms of energy medicine are far more effective than healing methods having to do with chemicals and machines. Chemicals and machines can be controlled by mighty corporations which have their own greed as a focal point rather than healing or compassion. Energy medicine cannot be corporatized. It functions from within the consciousness (not the mind) of each healer. Corporatize that. You cannot.

The Opening

December 21, 2012 was an opening. Energy flooded the planet functioning as a course correction and 2013 has seen many changes coming from the corrective energies close to the Earth and the solar system—on a personal and planetary level—release of restrictive energies has been massive. This course correction came from the Central Sun as you know. As for 2014, yes, this year will bring about many changes, extraordinary inventions, amazing revelations and new understanding, all of which are propelling you toward the higher version of yourselves which you suspect work in the background and which are reaching in and forming your daily life already. The process of the awakening will continue, both personal and planetary. 

This is Archangel Gabriel…loving you and blessing you with open arms, O Precious Ones. 

“Lotus Fire” is the pen name of Lois J. Wetzel, MFA, who is the author of three books, “Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives”, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars,” and “Sacred Journeys and Vision Quests.” All are on Amazon/Kindle. Lois still does past life readings for clients as well as phone/Skype consultations. AAGabriel comes through in the consultations. To arrange for a session contact her via email. Her website is: HotPinkLotus.com.  Lois Wetzel is on Facebook. On Twitter she is HPLotus. Email: lois@ hotpinklotus.com

Monday, February 28, 2011

Water and Emotions, Managing Fear, Social Media

February 27, 2011

Greetings O Precious Ones, I am Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Tides, coming to you with arms wide open in loving embrace.

Inner and Outer Tides

The waters of your bodies and of the oceans, the streams, rivers and lakes of your Earth are the waters to which my title refers as the inner and outer tides. Your emotions are extremely dependent upon fluids, including the water of your body, in order to be expressed and felt. There are some on the planet among the human race and other races who have more or less water in their bodies and this regulates the intensity with which these various beings feel feelings. For water, you see, is the medium for the transmission of feeling. Therefore it is important to take care of the water in your body and in your planet in order to handle your feelings in a way that is manageable during these intense times surrounding the precession of the equinoxes. As things speed up toward this target date on the Mayan calendar, emotions may become more difficult for you. This is because it becomes easier to move into the place called fear, because this is the place where in the “old energy” humans naturally went in the face of change. At this time in this period, you are faced with rapid, massive change therefore your ingrained “old energy” patterns will allow many to go to fear. This is not advisable. For your comfort and safety in these times of change during this several year window on either side of the much-discussed Mayan calendar date, it is extremely important for you to handle your feelings. One way to do that is by drinking extremely pure, living water. It is also useful to “charge” your water prior to drinking it. Two ways to charge water will be mentioned. First we will discuss how to manage fear.

Managing Fear

As mentioned earlier, it is important to resist fear and consciously manage the emotions. The reason it is so very important to resist going to fear is that you are becoming more and more capable of easily manifesting that which you focus upon. So it would seem logical, would it not, to focus upon what you want, not on that which you do not desire. Therefore, focusing on fear, or allowing one’s self to feel fear, is not a place that it is advisable to be. One may manifest thus that which (s)he does not want. And so how is one to respond when slipping into fear? Here is a simple meditative technique which you may use to mitigate the fear and transform it into a powerful force for positive effect in your world. When you notice that you are getting into fear find a quiet place to sit for a few moments and close your eyes. Bring up the energy from the earth into your root chakra and then into the upper center of your body, at the middle dantien, which is located in the center of your chest. There the energies will mingle. At the same time, link the pineal gland to your heart center with a beam of light. The pineal gland is located in the center of the head.

Now allow the fear to collect in the middle dantien, which is the large ball of light in the middle of your chest. See the fear come together in a ball. Bring your attention to the light in your heart, which is connected to your pineal gland. Shoot a beam of that light from the heart into that ball of fear which seems dark, and in so doing, transform the fear into a ball of golden light. When it has fully transformed to gold, allow that ball of light to shoot forward suddenly out of your body into the auric field about two feet out from your body in front. Then allow that ball of golden light to disperse into your aura for positive, joyous, loving energetic empowerment of your field. You can do this daily as many times as you need to do this. It is a positive outcome for feeling the fear which seems so natural to humans at this time. As you progress along this path of expansion into greater aspects of yourself, fear will seem less and less natural. Excitement and joy will take its place inside of you.

Charging the Water to Drink

For charging the water that you drink there are many techniques. The first one I suggest today is holding the glass, or bottle, or container of water which you plan to drink between the palms of your hands. And while the energy of light running between your pineal gland and heart is established , meaning the beam of light described above, then watch the light from your heart radiate down your arms and into the palms of your hands. Allow the light to come out of the palms of your hands and into the water held between them. This charges the water with spiritual light. See it as white light, or white with golden flecks, whichever feels more natural to you. Also bless the Undines of Water everywhere you go; before you drink your water, before you flush your toilet. Bless them as you walk by a river or ocean, and as you run water down your sink. In every encounter with water say, “Thank you. I love you and bless you,” to the Undines of Water. These are the devic beings who keep the water alive, healthy and usable on this planet. They are critical to the survival of all living things on this planet. It is therefore appropriate to thank them daily for they work they do.

The second water charging technique is this. Allow the water to sit in the sunlight and/ or moonlight to absorb that energy, as this is also a strongly positive technique to charge the water, so long as the water is held within glass containers. Glass will not interact with the sun’s heat such as plastics will interact with heat releasing harmful molecules into the water.

And while you are thanking the Undines of water, thank indeed the Sylphs of air who maintain cleanliness and health for the air that all living things breathe, to the Salamanders of fire who are responsible for all fires, including metabolic fires in all living beings. Thank the Gnomes of earth who are responsible for the life force which exists in all the minerals on this planets, whether in the earth or in the bodies of humans, animals or plants. They all respond to your gratitude by growing stronger.

Dimensions and Densities

And now let us speak further of energetic frequencies, dimensions and densities. There is much misunderstanding and confusion regarding what exists beyond the three dimensions within which you understand yourselves to exist. As you expand you will become more and more aware of other dimensions. It is easier to perceive this if you understand that those dimensions are actually densities. The more expanded (or less dense) you become the more you will feel things at a distance. You will feel what is going on in the office next door to you or in the apartment, condo or townhouse next to you. This means you are expanded into greater awareness of that which is going on around you because as you expand and become less dense, you will feel more.

This channel had an experience of having her frequency shift last summer. Called to camp at Mt. Shasta in July of 2010, she received an initiation on the inner planes within Telos during the night. After this, she began seeing things from time to time with her eyes open which she had known were there previously, but had not been able to see, and which those around her were not seeing. The kinds of things one might see with expanded vision include Light Beings, “cloaked” space craft, spirits, angels, and so on. Energetic expansion also includes hearing things at a greater distance. Expanded awareness will be intermittent at first and become permanent gradually.

Consciousness is everything. Said another way, everything is made up of consciousness. Because of this it is important to monitor all your thoughts words and deeds because they contribute to the consciousness of others. Kindly do not plant seeds of fear in the consciousness of others. Be mindful of all communications including electronic ones, and particularly the social media.

Social Media

Social media is a global consciousness conduit and must be treated with respect. It is through social media that you as a species will begin to fully comprehend your Oneness, which has always been, but which you are now becoming aware of as you expand. What you focus upon as a group, you manifest more powerfully. This is becoming more and more relevant, and so is becoming more important to understand. Fear-based communication injected into global group thought is not in your best interest as a group, or as a species. Be therefore mindful, dear ones. Project faith, hope, love and joy to others! Plant seeds of goodness in others by your thoughts, words and deeds. These shall benefit you so well.

I am the Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Tides, loving you and blessing you, O Precious Ones!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Archangel Gabriel Predictions 2011

Predictions 2011
Archangel Gab riel via Lotus Fire

Greetings, O Precious Ones! I am the Archangel Gabriel Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner & Outer Tides. I come to you this day on the wings of eternity, loving you, blessing you and greeting you in these very extraordinary times. I do so with great excitement for your future unfoldment, and for the progress you have made as a race of beings in the past year as you measure time. Can you begin to comprehend the enormity of what has occurred in the past year? Much of it has occurred outside the realm of conscious awareness of the average human. Yet when there was a disaster of potentially epic proportions in the Gulf of Mexico in the past year, there were those who reacted with panic and fear, but there were conversely enough of those who reacted with calmness, lack of fear, meditation and prayer—sending light, love and healing energy to the region affected and to the entire planet. Together your consciousness healed a potentially disastrous, globally destructive event. While the full extent of this spill has not yet been cleared, the potential for horrific, massive, world-wide destruction has been completely and totally averted.

Congratulations and blessings to those who remained calm and sent loving, healing energy for there is ultimately a lesson of importance from the event. It is that your consciousness regarding any event affects the outcome. So many more have learned the power of collective consciousness than you realize. You have no machines for measuring this effectively at this time, but we can see the effect, and it is phenomenal. We the archangelic realm are deeply proud of you as a species.

And now for what you can expect to have happen in the coming year.

The Fifth Dimension

“Seeing is believing” as many of you say frequently. More and more of you are beginning to see into the fifth dimension without going into an altered state, and others are beginning to see into the fifth dimension without realizing that this is what is occurring. Some merely are seeing small scurrying creatures out of the peripheral vision. This is one way that this expanded seeing can begin. Another way is to begin to see auric fields around trees, plants, animals, other humans. This is happening more frequently to those who sit calmly and stare at a tree, animal or human and allow their vision to go unfocused so that they can see the energy fields around them. Many more persons will begin to see what you refer to as UFOs because most of those can only be seen when one is capable of seeing into the fifth dimension. They may be in the skies above you but only those who can enter the fifth dimension will see them at all. Many other people will begin to see extra-dimensional beings, including those referred to as “extra-terrestrials.” These beings are soon to become an everyday occurrence in your lives.

Many persons will begin to feel the energy around them more profoundly and at greater distances than before. And so if they work in an office environment this may be uncomfortable, because feeling the emotional environment or the feelings of the persons with whom they work, or of those in the offices upstairs or downstairs from their office may not be confortable. More people are definitely feeling at expanded distances, and this condition will continue to become more obvious in the year you refer to as 2011.

Timely Exits

You will notice even more persons choosing to exit this plane, of especial note are those persons one would not expect to exit due to health or age conditions, however many souls will wisely check certain personalities out of this plane because the personality cannot handle the incoming energies. There are more energies radiating from the Sun which will affect the body/mind/spirit continuum, and if the individual is unprepared by meditation, contemplation, or prayer many souls’ incarnations will not be able to withstand the pressure of these emanations from the Sun.

The Sun and Calendars

Your Sun is a conscious being. Just like Gaia, the Earth, all stars planets moons have a conscious being residing within them – or more accurately—they actually are conscious beings. The Sun is a conscious being which radiates energy, matter and information to you at all times. As previously stated, there will be an increase in the flares, and the cosmic energies radiated by the Sun to assist you in your ever increasing levels of ascension. Turn to energy medicine workers if this becomes uncomfortable for the y can help you balance your energies. They can do this locally or non-locally.

Calendars are interesting constructs. Depending upon the evolutionary development of a race their calendars will be more or less accurate—this is reflective of the level of development. The Mayan calendar is obviously far more developed than the Gregorian. And in the next two years, the Gregorian calendar will cease to be important compared to the 13 moon calendars, or the Mayan calendar. The way you count “time” is very important. It is time to set aside the Gregorian calendar and instead of dates like 10-10-10, 11-11-11, or 12-12-12, begin to move into celebrating Mayan calendar dates, or Native American calendar dates, or indigenous calendar dates, for they operate using the 13 moon system. It is agreeable to gather together in groups such as the gatherings which have been occurring on the Gregorian dates, for whenever you gather together to celebrate as a spiritual community great power is there. We mean in no way to diminish these sacred gatherings, but to suggest that the gatherings more appropriately may occur on Mayan calendar dates of significance. Dates considered important in the Mayan Calendar. The Gregorian calendar is “old energy”. The Mayan Calendar is eternal energy and energy of the now and always. This calendar represents a return of what is seemingly ancient, but currently more relevant.

Just so are the hidden sacred sites which are being revealed. More and more underground sites of importance are being discovered. Many new rooms were discovered underground alongside the tunnels which connect the pyramid temples in Bosnia this past summer of 2010. This will continue to amaze those who follow such events as they unfold. Numerous more subterranean beauties will be discovered, and the mysteries surrounding these structures will continue to be unraveled during 2011. There are many man-made structures beneath the earth which will be re-discovered during the year of 2011, and there are many caves as we have said in previous years, which will be found within the Earth having specific spiritual, energetic, sacred and ceremonial functions from ancient times—times so far in the past that you have no written record of these civilizations ever having existed. Here groups met for ceremonial purposes.

Group Work

The time is ripe for group work to flourish again. Greater numbers of you will be coming together to do group ceremony in public places such as parks as well as private homes. You will see an increase in spiritual ceremony in public places. The tolerance for this kind of thing is increasing exponentially. The importance of group work in a large variety of contexts is increasing, whether they be groups who meet in the internet, or they be groups who meet in person in your immediate vicinity. Do not resist joining groups. The time is right for connecting with others, even though there has been a time in the past when many lightworkers have sequestered themselves for protection, the need for that is now over.

The Sun is a Conscious Being

As mentioned earlier, the Sun is a conscious being and a deeper recognition of the importance of the Sun’s energy is something which will be increasing. Watching the Sun rise in the morning and taking those rays in through the eyes and the skin in appropriate doses is so vital. The rays of the early morning Sun as it peeks sweetly up over the edge of the Earth contains large doses of prana. This feeds you. These earliest rays are of especial benefit to you, much more than high noon or the late afternoon Sun’s light. This has different energetic content, and is not as beneficial to you. Understanding the importance of the Sun in your spiritual development will grow in the next year and beyond. In order to transform your body into a Lightbody, knowledge of how to utilize the Sun’s energetics must grow. This is ancient knowledge which has been hidden away for your protection, for more years than your history has recorded that humans have existed. Humans have lived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Civilizations have risen and fallen, and land masses have shifted and covered over all but a few traces of their existence. One of the forms of knowledge lost to you was how to increase the frequency and amount of light within your cells by communing with the Sun’s consciousness in the appropriate forms. Information about this is becoming available once again on this plane.

There are a number of persons existing on this plane at this time who live completely off the energy of the Sun. They eat no food and drink no water. They are in the process of developing their Lightbodies so that they are never born again and never die again, and can manifest anywhere in the Universe simply by willing themselves to that location. This is what happens when the Lightbody is fully manifested. This can occur without experiencing death, or it can occur after physical death. When it occurs right after physical death, the body shrinks and seemingly disappears, all but hair and nails if left undisturbed, because it is gradually being into a body of light and being absorbed by the body which just left it. There are two ways to ascend, in other words. One can ascend either pre or post-mortem. Both are valid. There have been many occurrences of both types of ascension recorded in the past few thousands of years. Most of these have been in Asian populations, because their civilizations support this sort of experience and the needed lifestyle to attain Lightbody. But it will become increasingly possible in the West now. And when one percent of the Earth’s population has achieved Lightbody activation, or full ascension, then the rest of humanity will ascend as well. We see that time coming soon, and welcome it greatly.

I am the Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Tides, loving you, blessing you and awaiting your ascended Lightbodies with open arms, O Precious Ones!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Consciousness is Everything


Archangel Gabriel

Communicated Via Lotus Fire (Published in Nov. 2010 Sedona Journal of Emergence)

“Greetings Precious Ones, I am Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and the Outer Tides

Know this: Consciousness is everything. It is everywhere. Nothing exists but consciousness. Everything else is illusion. Many of you have come close to this information when you have thought about the space between molecules, the space in between atoms, the space between electrons and protons. Those of you who are aware that there actually are no particles but only energy in movement swirling around other energy, and swirling around other energy infinitely, have wondered, “Then what is this made of which we perceive as solid objects?” The answer is that what all this is made of is Consciousness. The space which Consciousness inhabits runs through everything from the tiniest speck on the floor of the sea to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. It is the medium which connects everything flowing seamlessly everywhere, and is the only reality. Everything is created and held in place by Consciousness. Therefore as you Creator Gods focus your beloved gift called consciousness, you too create. By focusing your consciousness individually or in groups, you have different intensities of ability to create. When all of you focus your consciousness, especially paired with emotion or feeling, you can more easily and quickly “create” a group reality. Yes, you have heard this before. But let me expand on this for you.

You are not so much creating a new reality as you are moving into another one that already exists. For there is not but one reality, there are infinite numbers of parallel realities in which you exist. To say this another way, there are infinite versions of you already in existence living different lives. Some of you have seen evidence this briefly in dreams. If you decide to match the frequency of your consciousness to a parallel reality, either individually or as a group, to one in which you wish to exist, you can. It is not so daunting to realize that you are not creating an entirely new reality, but sliding over into a different yet parallel one—one which you would prefer to inhabit. Large numbers of you can do this together, or a single person can do it individually, by shifting your resonant frequency so that you vibrate with a preferred parallel. And it can happen either instantly or gradually.

Here is an example. If large numbers of people react to a “disaster” of some sort with fear, and focus on worst case scenarios and spread these fears like the fictional character, Chicken Little, screaming “The sky is falling,” then as a group you will shift into the worst case scenario reality. If on the other hand you focus, meditate, and align your energies with an outcome in which something positive is the result of this “disaster” such as the result that new tools will be created to solve similar problems in the future, that a solution to the problems will be found quickly, that people will receive food shelter and clothing easily, that there will be a minimum loss of life and destruction and property, this is the reality with which you will align yourselves. You will slip into that reality seamlessly.

When the oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico there were those who spread terror- inducing videos and doom and gloom predictions, telling others to move away from the Gulf, and a few even predicting extinction of the race. These people were unwittingly planting seed-fear in everyone who received their communications. It is not being suggested that anyone “hide their heads in the sand” and pretend that their reality does not exist. On the contrary, it is perfectly fine to understand what is actually going on in the reality you currently inhabit, so long as when these potentially terrifying communications are sent some sort of suggestion is made as to how one might react positively to this information to shift outcomes. Simply spreading fear is not an option as you expand toward your multidimensional selves and grow in power. It is the duty and responsibility of anyone sending out mass communications of material which has a high probability of being frightening information to give the recipients positive suggestions as to how to handle the information. For example, describe a possible positive outcome. Remind the recipients of mass communications that if they want to experience a miracle, then join in and focus joyously in meditation on the end result desired. See the Gulf of Mexico’s waters quickly clear, clean and healthy, filled with marine life! Rejoice in this end result as if you already have it! Include in your communications a link to a meditation, for example, to help the recipient to focus his/her energy on a positive outcome. Merely spreading terror is unadvisable because it plants seeds of terror in the recipients, many of whom are not yet evolved enough on their path to realize they have another choice other than to react fearfully. At the same time, if anyone wishes to remain on a path toward a reality that you do not prefer, they have the right to do so. Each of you is sovereign.

Now align yourself with the knowledge that at the time of this transmission, most of the oil in the Gulf has been cleaned up due in part to the hard physical work done in the Gulf and at its edges (the land), and also due to the conscious efforts of those who focused on a miraculous outcome. One of the facets of this miracle has been that a particular deep sea microbe previously unknown to mankind has adapted itself to warmer waters and proliferated in the Gulf of Mexico, devouring much of the oil. It has done so without depleting the water of oxygen, which would have endangered other animal species. Indeed a miracle has occurred! The microbes were assisted in their ability to devour the oil due to the use of chemical dispersants, which made more surface area of the petroleum available to the microbes. Kudos are sent to all those persons who are focusing on a positive outcome to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This has been a training exercise.

It is also advisable to explain this concept of focused intention gently to your friends and family. Why? Because it is a phenomenon of consciousness—a constant of nature, and if it is understood, each person’s experience of Earth is enhanced. Explain gently. Here is how ideas often become one’s own. The idea is proposed by someone else, and the recipient allows it to swirl around in the back of their mind for a few months, and then it becomes a belief or idea of their own. All one need do is lovingly plant the positive seed thought. Allow the loved one to do what he/she will with that seed. Trust the outcome.

So you can see that seed thoughts are important, and each human is wise to be intentional and take responsibility for the ones which they plant in others and nurture in themselves.

I am the Archangel Gabriel, loving and blessing you, O Precious Ones!”

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Compassion, The Power of Sound, and the Waters of Your Body

Monday, July 26, 2010
Channeled at Mt. Shasta, California – Bunny Flat at Morning’s First Light

Greetings, O Precious Ones, I am Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and the Outer Tides.

On The Nature of Compassion

As Ruler of the Inner Tides, which in part refers to the waters and the emotions of your body, I wish to speak with you on the nature of compassion. There is some confusion on your plane as to what compassion is and what it is not. Compassion does not mean that one is to feel another’s feelings, to cry when they cry, to hurt when they hurt. Such behavior is not compassion, but merely an absence of good emotional boundaries. Good emotional boundaries are becoming ever more important in the ascension process. Knowing where your energy field stops and the next person’s field begins is of vital emotional importance to each of you. This knowing makes it possible for you to progress without blending or merging your feelings or issues with those of another person. To take on another’s feelings is ill-advised. Each of you has his/her emotional work to do, and need not take on the tasks of another. This taking on of another’s emotions or issues might relieve the other person temporarily, but it is not in your best interest. At the same time, are you attempting to do for another what is necessary for him/her to do for themselves as part of their own healing on the path of ascension? If one does this for another person, one is not being compassionate nor helping the other person, but is actually hindering the other person by preventing him from learning to handle his own emotional issues. The compassionate thing to do is to step back, without any emotional involvement of your own, and mirror back to the other person what it seems they are feeling/experiencing at the time. This is best done without rescuing them in any way; without taking on the other person’s problems or emotions. When you take on the other person’s emotions it is like catching a hot potato in your bare hands. You will know that you have taken on their emotions if they feel better after the encounter, and you are feeling worse than before the encounter. If you have caught their “hot potato”, their hands are no longer burning but yours are. Where is the justice in this? There is none.

In every situation there are lessons to be learned for each individual, and if one prevents another from their learning, one may indeed simply be creating more karma with that person. We are speaking of adults in this case, and not very young children, who need family support and guidance. This is not a time when it is advised for anyone to create but rather to clear karma with other adults.

Yet extending a helping hand to others less fortunate by giving to charities, purchasing items from economically deprived areas, or making micro-loans to persons in economically depressed areas, these are advisable actions to take. Helping others who have been the victims of natural disasters—these are also advisable behaviors. This is different than emotionally rescuing a person who is in your immediate sphere and who is posturing as a victim, emotionally or in other ways. Bailing out a floundering friend who through his/her own choices and actions have landed her/him in a particular situation is not your job. Rescuing them is more likely to prevent the learning of their lessons, whatever those lessons may be. I speak here of friends or acquaintances who are repeatedly in crisis or in trouble of some form and always need your help. These persons frequently take advantage of others as a primary emotional patterning. It is not in your best interest or in theirs for you to continue to rescue them. It is far better to allow them to learn to solve their own problems. These problems are lessons constructed for their soul’s growth.

Where a “victim” is being rescued there is a twin-edged sword of lessons not learned. In the rescuer’s case it is about learning to stop interfering with another’s path to perfection. In the victim’s situation the unlearned lesson it is in deciding to never handle matters, but rather to turn to others to help them as they fall again and again, whatever the format they choose to employ. Self-mastery and independence are what are needed.

So the compassionate person will teach this person to fish, rather than give him fishes. Teach her to solve her own dilemmas. If the person continues to look sad and pitiful, know that this is a method often employed to manipulate someone into solving their problems. If this is the case, stand strong in your own personal power and compassionately say no. This is the kindest thing of all to do. The compassionate thing is not always the easiest thing to do. Compassionate prayer for the individual learning the lessons is another positive action one can take.

The Emotional Waters of Your Body

Listening to constant complaints from others is a subtle form of rescuing. Yet be advised that sound carries frequency, and so angry, upset or sad words carry a specific frequency. The waters of the physical body pick up the frequency of the sounds that impact it—from jets overhead to lawnmowers, jackhammers, traffic sounds, bad news on the computer or television, or angry or whining, complaining voices of friends or neighbors. These sounds impact the waters of your body, each in a specific way. It is your duty to protect the waters of your body. Sounds coming from wind blowing through trees, birds twittering, the sound of water lapping at the shore, beautiful music, words of love—these sounds also impact the water of your body, and there is water in every cell of your body. Sound is food. What sounds will you feed the cells of your body today?

Even if you plug up your ears and cannot hear the words, discordant sounds will hit your body and affect your every cell. Studies done in Japan by Dr. Emoto have scientifically demonstrated that frequency affects water. Most of your body is comprised of water, therefore any vibration or frequency that touches your body, moving through the air or water or any other medium, affects your body. In Dr. Emoto’s studies frequencies coming from words like love, peace, gratitude or pleasing music affected the ice crystals formed from the water exposed to these frequencies. These crystals were beautifully symmetrical and perfectly formed. Ice crystals created from water exposed to discordant frequencies were not symmetrical, but were mutilated in appearance, showing no sacred geometry in their formation. Thoughts also have a vibration and a frequency, even if not spoken aloud. These are called sub-vocal sounds, and are extremely powerful.

An so it is for the simple reason—elegantly demonstrated by Dr. Emoto’s divinely guided study—one can see why it is important not to be exposed to the onslaught of discordant frequencies offered up daily. There are those frequencies you cannot control, but there are those which you can. You cannot stop jets overhead or traffic noises in urban areas, but you can decline to be exposed to bad news on television or another person’s litany of complaints, and your own negative self-talk. It is then obvious that until the lessons are learned, some people can actually have a toxic affect upon others. These are not “bad” people— just uninformed. One can choose whether or not to expose oneself to such a type of toxic environment; one can choose whether or not to personally create such an environment as well.

Neutrality and the Silent Observer

Compassion begins with remaining emotionally neutral so that one can observe self and others in order to notice patterns of behavior. It is important first to get in touch with the Silent Observer within. If one has an old pattern of rescuing “victims” who are also living out of a life pattern learned at an early age, one must be a Silent Observer of his own process. In this case, only one person has to break out of this cycle to end it. One cannot end the cycle on behalf of the other person, but only on behalf of oneself.

How does this apply to the Lightworker or Healer? Profound compassion requires listening from a neutral space, an objective space with no emotional involvement. Be a silent witness to the story—but not repeatedly. Repeating the story session to session indicates the client is wallowing in the story and downloading emotion, which will almost always stop their doing anything about the situation they are wanting to change. The wheels are spinning but the car is stuck. They are re-traumatizing themselves and the waters of their bodies in the re-telling and becoming the story over again. Although the healer’s not allowing the constant repetition of a story of woundedness or helplessness may sound cruel to some, it is actually compassionate. It will help the client break out of the pattern of re-traumatizing herself and identifying with her wounds.

Healers have the right and the duty to protect their bodily waters from too much negativity from the same client. If she does not self-protect, the healer finds herself in the situation which is called “burn-out.” The compassionate healer has compassion for Self as well as others, and engages regularly in self-care techniques. From sitting under a tree reading a book, to bathing with candles and soft music, to getting a massage, or perhaps going on a rigorous bike ride or a jog in the woods—please do whatever self-care restores and feeds your Soul. It is each one’s compassionate duty to Self to feed the Soul so that one does not become burned-out.

Beyond these forms of compassion covered this time there are others. However, it is true that many persons have needed to hear these specific words now. Speaking one’s own truth while coming from a loving space in alignment with Source is the most ideal way to deal with someone who wants to play victim and elicit a rescuer. Again truly, the compassionate thing to do is not the easiest thing to do, until it becomes an established pattern.

I am Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Tides, loving, embracing and blessing each and every one of you as you travel this path of ascension.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Theoretical Physics: Space and Time - Archangel Gabriel

Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence, July 2010

Greetings O Precious Ones, I am Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and the Outer Tides.

I come to you this day, at this juncture of "space and time", speak with you about several things. First I speak to congratulate your scientists who at the theoretical physical level are entertaining the notion that their theories of physics would be more cogent were they to assume that space and time are mere illusions and delete them from their calculations and mathematical theories of the nature of reality. These theories are definitely best served by assuming that space and time do not exist. For as you all know in actuality they do not. Time and space exist only as an illusion. They are an illusion for convenience and exist due to the fact that you are on a spinning planet submerged in duality. A realistic theory of how the Universe works is best served by thinking the unthinkable—deleting notions of time and space. Indeed abolish them forever. Even now there have been experiments which have shown that information can ooze back into the present from the future and that healing and prayer and other spiritual technologies can affect the past. This has been known for quite some time.

Indeed it would best serve humanity’s understanding of their own reality should the physicists, and shall we say when the physicists come to agreement that there is no time and there is no space. In actuality your reality is merely that you are unlimited beings, who exist in unlimited time, meaning forever, you are infinite beings, and who exist in unlimited space, again, forever. You are connected to everything; to all that is and is to be –infinitely. Dream not for a moment that this temporary drama in which you are submerged has any reality beyond a convenient temporal illusion. Yes, a convenient temporary illusion, so that the soul may have a rapid learning experience, to assume that there is any importance or depth beyond this learning experience to the illusion or the "maya" of three-dimensional reality, this shortens your learning curve. Once humanity realizes the focus of this experience is learning, then perhaps the individual may focus upon the learning. While many of you have done so, the masses have yet not. The masses have not yet realized that all the pain, all the sorrow, and all the trials and tribulations are merely fast-track learning experiences for the soul. Were they to realize this, spiritual evolution would speed up immeasurably. The physicists are prime position to help the masses understand the illusion of space and time. And this is poised to happen in the very near future, this realization by the masses.

Regarding Earth Changes

Those abound who feel it necessary to make predictions about Earth changes. There will be such changes, for the healing, balancing and conscious evolution of Gaia, but it is not necessary to focus upon when, where and how they will occur. To do this often results in the combined energy of those “stuck in the 3-D experience” as you may phrase this state of mind, to focus upon these events, to expect them, anticipate and worry or fear them, and thus to intensify or even create them. They do this in all innocence of realizing that their thoughts have such power. They do this in all innocence of being Creator Gods. These expectations coupled with intense emotion can often create that which they want not. “Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want,” we will say again. Focus upon following your inner gyroscope, the light in your hearts, to know when and where to be at all times. You will be guided to be on vacation or visiting friends out of state, for example, when the earth changes occur should you need to leave.

Many who might consider expressing fear in their hearts must refrain from doing so. Protect the future of this Earth, which is becoming a New Eden—protect it by projecting thoughts of trust and love and safety. Do this for the Earth and all its inhabitants, from the greatest of them to the least. It is your sacred duty not to entertain fear. Control your thoughts. Control your feelings. For in this way you may assist others, including the most important leaders as they heat the metals of the Earth, and like powerful blacksmiths, transform the materials of war, the swords as it were, into plowshares, so that mankind may be fed, grow spiritually and evolve as was intended from the beginning, and so that the New Eden may be born with the gentlest birthing experience possible.

Love and Compassion: Chaos and the New Design

Universal love is the theme of the coming phase of humanity. Love and compassion are two halves of the same whole. Compassion for another’s learning; showing patience as they learn and grow, is an expression of love. And so if there is a region where there is pain and suffering, starvation, what can you as individuals do? One thing that all humans can do is visualize a new healthy and equitable prosperity flooding the entire planet, enveloping that region as well. Visualize only good coming of the current chaos. For indeed is merely a shifting of the energies to create balance. As patterns are re-arranging, what looks like chaos is merely the emergence of a new pattern. Those who know chaos theory understand how this works. There appears to be no pattern at all, but indeed what is occurring now is that you are shifting to a newer, more beautiful pattern. Your view is so minuscule compared to the entire grandness of the full pattern, that you cannot perceive more than a fragment which appears to be utter chaos. Yet in the midst of all that, remember that there is a grand design, and that the Designer is larger and vaster than your consciousness can at this time grasp. And trust that grand design. For we in the expanded realms are also seeing these fractions of the whole, and we have seen these fractions shift before. We trust. So must you. For your consciousness can assist this shift to occur smoothly or more unpleasantly, depending upon your level of calm. Be the eye of the storm in which nothing at all chaotic is happening. Be a silent observer; remain out of judgment for you do not fully know in its entirety what you are seeing. You do not know what anything means. So just be the calm center of the storm, like the eye of the hurricane at all times, so that there is peace just where you are - and the seeming chaos will shift around you. You will experience a smoother transition.

And another small thing that you each can do is if you know a particular region that is having starvation, buy products from that region. This will support their economic pattern returning to a healthier one. This is a way to show love to those who are hungry, to support their economy. The individual may not be able to control whether governmental food aid gets to them, but the individual is able to control if they are purchasing items handcrafted by artisans in a stressed region, for example. Ultimately, some portion of your purchase price must go to the regional artisan. We do not advocate ceasing food aid to foreign countries, because much of it does reach the recipients, though not all. And in the end, remember that this is merely an illusion, the starvation and the pain, and that there are those who have incarnated to experience this for their own growth. This does not excuse allowing masses of people to die of starvation or genocide and the like, by merely turning away. This is not the answer. For indeed if you are able to assist with healing or food aid or monetary support by purchasing goods from that stressed region, indeed part of what you may have done is incarnate to make change in the world by expressing this form of compassion, by helping others less fortunate. In the end, everything is a learning experience for your spiritual growth. Indeed many of you in a position to help others have had past lives in starvation. And for you perhaps the lesson is, will you turn around and feed others even though when the situation was reversed, they did nothing? The answer in the compassionate heart is “Yes!” Fear and indifference to the plight of others is the polar opposite of love and compassion. We hold truly that humanity will quickly fight the tendency to go into isolation and fear ignoring the pain that is going on in these regions of the world. To turn your back on another is to turn your back on yourselves. Many of them agreed at a Soul level to experience this so that others might learn compassion.

I am Gabriel, Lord of the Moon , Ruler of the Inner and the Outer Tides, and loving and blessing each and every one of you, O Precious Ones!